Where is
the vineyard

Silverlake Vineyard is located on the Eastern side of Thailand nearby Pattaya City with only 30 minutes drive from downtown Pattaya or 90minutes drive from Bangkok. The beautiful natural surroundings and the adjacent lake create an excellent backdrop for exploring the Vineyards and Gardens. With breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, both can be enjoyed on foot or by joining the Tram Ride Tours that depart regularly from the Villagio. A stroll through the manicured gardens allows time to enjoy their playful gazebos and other features, while a ride past the vineyard offers the perfect chance to soak up the area’s natural beauty.

The Vineyard is also a photographer’s heaven, offering beautiful vistas featuring the lake, landscaped gardens, and pictorial sunset over the water.

What sets
us apart

Ripe for the Future

As the vineyard and gardens continue to develop, the founders' aim to keep cultivating a destination in SILVERLAKE VINEYARD where they can truly share their passions… a unique destination where people are brought together to experience the special connection that only comes from the combination of beautiful nature, exciting new wines, delicious food, and great live performances.

When was
it established

Silverlake Vineyard was established in 2002 and our first vintage Silverlake Wine in 2005 grown from our estate, Silverlake Shiraz and Silverlake Chenin Blanc were introduced to our customers. Silverlake has also developed some other wines, i.e. Jazzanova; our first Shiraz Rose wine a few years after.

In 2014, Silverlake Vineyard first started to produce Silverlake S Series, a breakthrough concept of winemaking by combining Australian viticultural expertise with Thai attention to detail. Our wine is made from grapes harvested from our own idyllic Silverlake Vineyards in South Australia and vinified by our skilled oenologists and winemaking craftsman on our Pattaya Estate.

Estate Grown

The world of wine is one of culture and history but also one of innovation and newness. Pioneering wine-makers, such as SILVERLAKE VINEYARD, challenge the conception of where wine comes from by developing exciting New Latitude Wines that are cultivated outside of the traditional wine regions. As a proud contributor to the growing Thailand’s winemaking culture, SILVERLAKE VINEYARD offers Shiraz, Chenin Blanc and Colombard for our estate grown wine series.

Our estate grown Silverlake Shiraz will give a full range of spice and earthy finish whereas Silverlake Chenin Blanc has an energetic, fiery and more acidic flavor.