To grow wine grapes in Thailand with its tropical climate is a niche market. However, the climate can stimulate the growth of grapes immensely. At Silverlake Vineyard, we do one crop a year, in the dry season in March. During the rainy season in October, we start pruning our grape vines.

For our white wines such as Chenin Blanc and Colombard; our grapes grow on medium textured soils, sandy loam soil. Therefore, Silverlake Chenin Blanc and Silverlake Colombard wine will provide an elegant taste with high aromatics, pale color and low tannin.

Wine Making

The world of wine is one of culture and history but also one of innovation and newness. Pioneering wine-makers, such as SILVERLAKE VINEYARD, challenge the conception of where wine comes from by developing exciting New Latitude Wines that are cultivated outside of the traditional wine regions.

The resulting New Latitude Wines are often extremely exotic and fresh combinations which can be fruity and aromatic or bold with hints of spice and smokiness – an exciting combination of new and old world winemaking techniques and flavors that is sure to please wine-lovers and makers alike.

Our vinification is using the latest Italian Technology equipment. The process of vinification is our main concentration to maximize the quality of the product. We still hand–pick to harvest our grapes at Silverlake Vineyard. We consider the process gentler on valuable vines and grapes, and believe that hand harvest can preserve the quality of the grape, which, importantly, leads to better wines.

SILVERLAKE VINEYARD offers a variety of Red, White, and Rose wines that will be able to expand drinking horizons of a new generation of wine drinkers. Learn more about our wine

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